Friday, 20 May 2011

Cube Lighting, a Garden by Night

Welcome to my blog as I prepare for the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, which takes place 5-10 July 2011.

My garden this year is entitled ‘Cube Lighting, a Garden by Night’ and will be entirely constructed within a large 12m x 15m blacked out marquee. The garden will take visitors on a journey to experience how a space can transform its personality completely after dark. Through the clever use of eco-friendly lighting a range of emotions will be inspired, from high drama to the soft and intimate.
The garden will have a one-way system where the public enter through a covered arch into the first 3x3 tent. The public walk through the main marquee along a 2 meter wide walkway, viewing the garden before leaving through the blacked-out exit tent. This makes the garden actually 24m long.
The Cube Garden is sponsored by Cube Lighting of Berkhamsted and we have also partnered with Brett Landscaping to help deliver this garden. Brett Landscaping is supplying polished sandstone for the pool surround and pergoda. Polished sandstone is ideal for evening gardens as the light colour of the paving remains visible for a long time as the natural light fades. An added dimension is achieved when elements in the sandstone are picked up by the lighting making the paving sparkle.
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the biggest flower show in the world, attracting over 160,000 visitors, so I will be working hard to make sure the garden is as impressive and memorable as possible.
I will be regularly updating this blog as we prepare for the show, so please call back regularly to see how we are getting on.

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