Friday, 24 June 2011

The build continues...

Day 7
Layout of the garden is tested and steamer chairs are mimicked by camping chairs and footrest is board.

Paramount Paving extends the piers made from Brett Landscaping’s Fossil Mint Sandstone and uses black grouting on the pool to make it invisible in the dark.

End of the day...

Day 8
Finnforest arrives on site and has started to install the Grassedeck (deck boards with artificial turf inlay).

The piers are finished and the pool is framed by Polished Fossil Mint Sandstone.

The RHS has approved the silver birches, which are too tall to be used inside the marquee, to be used to decorate the outside.

Day 9
The last day for Paramount Paving. They have been a dream team to work with and they have done a fantastic job making the garden a proud display of Brett Landscaping products. I hope the quality of the rest of the garden can match their immaculate precision and quality.

The quality of work is stunning! Even down to the cleaning of the pool and the grouting of the coping stones on top of the piers. Pier coping is specially made on site, and cut and put together from three slabs. Amazing skill.

Careful cleaning up of the entrance after finishing work. I hope to get the chance to work with this team again.

The Finnforest team works hard on the public walkway.

Chris and Ray Carter work hard on getting the heavy green oak pergola put together.

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