Thursday, 21 July 2011

Show time for Cube Lighting: A Garden By Night!

All the hard work has paid off and we are all really pleased with the finished garden.

We were especially thrilled to receive so many positive comments from show visitors, many of whom had queued for quite a while to come into the garden and we thank them for their patience. The photos below show views across the finished garden from both sides.

The intimate dining area...

We also created other areas, which added on an additional 100m2.

Along the outside length of the marquee we placed bright, colourful planting in combination with planters and illuminated spheres from Absolut Planters, ivy panels from Treeboxas a backdrop and oak trees from Nicholsons in Oxfordshire with stone raised beds from Brett Landscaping beautifully built by Paramount Paving. All this was designed to decorate the otherwise dominant marquee to draw the eye away from its height. Fencing wires are supplied by S3i (Stainless Steel Solutions) - see previous blog for more photos.

The sponsors tent, for everyone contributing to the garden.

The entrance to the marquee features stars painted by pupils at Wood Green School; an oversized glass flower by Neil Wilkin; archway by Tramway Forge planted with scented honeysuckle and Tracelospermumjasminoides from Earlswood Plants.

The stars and scented climbers continue through the 3x3m blacked out entrance tent which allows the eyes to adjust to the lower light level within the garden. A blacked out ivy screen placed in the centre blocks daylight and a dark alcove is created.

An additional 3x3m tent with illuminated cloud pruned Ilex and blacked out ivy screen, mulched with green granite near the exit helps the transition from the dark to the daylight outside.As you can see from these pictures photography is getting difficult, objects being over or under exposed.

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